Thursday, January 16, 2014

the perfect spot

Owen is a little over three months old.  He keeps getting funner each day with all the energy he has! He is cooing, smiling, and making eye contact more and more!

Sometimes it can be hard to find a spot where he is content for a long period of time. So I switch things up occasionally to find the perfect spot! He LOVED this green chair for about a day...or maybe more like 2 minutes!

Next we tried the bouncy vibrator!

Until he decided to wiggle himself out. I guess that is why they have buckles!

I think he was trying to tell me the floor will be just fine!

 It's true! A lot of his smiley pictures are on the floor! Crazy!

But I had to try out his high chair for the first time! To read Owen's facial expression, "It's okay mom, but not that great!"

But out of everything we tried...this has to be the best!!! We found the perfect spot! <3 


  1. He is a doll! Yep! Mom is always the best!

  2. Good job for not putting the bouncy up on a counter! Cause that really makes them cry now. Not that I know from experience or anything... Only you see, I was good and responsible and buckled in Conrad, I just failed to notice that the back rubber stoppers were off the edge of the counter. So when he got bouncing, he bounced himself right off, bouncy and all. The bouncer landed upside down, little baby hanging upside down too. Bad day.

  3. Haha Kara you crack me up. Yikes poor Conrad. I'm telling you, you need to start a blog to tell all of your crazy boy stories! You could name it the three musketeers! :D